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This Integrated Remote Alarm System Monitors All Your Sites on One Screen

If you're tired of hunting through multiple screens to find critical alarms, you need an integrated remote alarm system ...

The multiprotocol TMon / IAM Remote Alarm Monitoring System is the right solution for integrating all your separate, isolated monitoring devices to a one-screen integrated remote alarm system.

  • Every alarm notification is displayed in the same easy-to-read plain English format, regardless of input: digital, analog, SNMP, TL1, ASCII, TABS, TBOS, or 25 other standard, proprietary or legacy protocols.
  • Customized text messages for each alarm inform your staff exactly what to do and who to call if an alarm happens.
  • Add new remotes without replacing your existing remote alarm systems or adding more monitoring screens.
  • Integrate your existing remote alarm systems without forklift swapouts. TMon supports your existing equipment, so you don't have to replace it.
  • Monitor all your sites after-hours and page your on-call techs for any alarm from any site.

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TMon remote alarm system integration diagram

What you can achieve by integrating your remote alarm system

  • Work with one consistent interface: Every alarm notification is in the same format, so you can define and enforce standard alarm handling procedures. Your staff will immediately know what to do in case of an alarm.
  • Track every alarm from every site on the same screen: If there's a problem at any of your sites, you'll know it. And if the screen's completely green, you know for certain that you don't have any hidden problems.
  • Cost-effectively integrate your existing remote alarm systems: TMon supports your existing equipment and you can add new remotes at any time. You'll never face a forklift swapout.
  • Monitor all your sites 24-7: TMon supports pager/email notifications, plus Web Browser access, for all your alarms from all your equipment.

Risk-Free Remote Alarm System Integration

Bob Berry - CEO , DPS Telecom, guarantees risk-free remote alarm system integration
Bob Berry, President and CEO

"Every remote alarm system I make is backed by my no-risk, money-back guarantee. If you buy my equipment and you're not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, simply return it for a full refund. If my product doesn't solve your problem, I don't want you to have it."

You might be hesitant about upgrading your remote alarm system. Changing complex systems is hard … there's always last-minute complications … and how do you get the budget for secondary equipment?

Secure a long-term solution for your remote alarm system problems, a solution that is:

  • Designed and built by remote alarm monitoring experts
  • Guaranteed to work for you
  • Backed by a no-risk, money-back guarantee

Upgrading to an integrated remote alarm system will:

  • Create substantial savings in initial expenditure, operational, and maintenance costs.
  • Leverage your existing remote alarm systems to provide better monitoring now and an upgrade path for the future.
  • Spread equipment upgrade costs over several budget cycles, since both your current remote alarm systems and new monitoring equipment are supported by the multiprotocol platform.
  • Provide advanced features like after-hours monitoring and automatic notifications at low cost.
  • Save your investment in legacy remote systems by extending their working life.

To learn more about how you can integrate your remote alarm system, select an option below ...

See full specifications of the TMon / IAM Remote Alarm Monitoring System

Register for a free Web demo of remote alarm system integration

Learn more about strategies for remote alarm system integration