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Juggling a Separate Screen for your SNMP Alarms?

Multiple disjointed alarm masters
Are you struggling with
multiple, disjointed
alarm masters? Learn
this better way to

Working with multiple incompatible alarm masters just plain stinks. You need more labor and more training and you're still struggling to keep up.

You never intended for your monitoring to end up like this, and it certainly didn't start out that way. You probably had a legacy system, and when you upgraded, you had to keep it online to monitor legacy equipment. You just couldn't find a master with the multi-protocol capability to monitor your diverse mix of equipment, not to mention one that isn't dated, old, and slow...

Imagine how perfect it would be to have every single one of your alarms on one comprehensive master. Your SNMP, legacy, ASCII, and other alarms will all appear in one complete network view. You won't run the very serious risk of missing an alarm while juggling multiple screens. The right people will be notified automatically in multiple formats, including pager and email. Your costs will fall and your performance will skyrocket. You'd learn more about a master like that, wouldn't you?

T/Mon with multi-protocol capabilities

The extreme multi-protocol
capability of T/Mon will
make you jump for joy...

At DPS, we built our T/Mon alarm master to address this very issue. T/Mon supports over 25 proprietary, legacy, and modern protocols, so you can put all of your alarms onto one screen. What's more, if you have a protocol T/Mon doesn't currently support, we can custom-engineer a solution for you in a very short time frame. We've built our business on total equipment integration, and we can do the same for you.

If you already have an SNMP manager, T/Mon can mediate each and every alarm it collects to SNMP traps. Your modern SNMP manager may be great for monitoring modern equipment, but for proprietary and legacy mediation, you need T/Mon.

To learn more about T/Mon, Contact DPS Telecom today at 1-800-693-0351, or visit the T/Mon NOC and T/Mon SLIM product pages.