Telecom Psychic Network: It Could Cost YOU Up To $100,000 Per Minute If You Don't Use It

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Use your psychic ability or else... When your network goes down, it costs you $100,000 per minute. That's $6 million per hour, not counting the bad reputation, potential for fines and internal expenses to stop the problems. But this doesn't have to be you.

Use your psychic ability or else... When your network goes down, it costs you $100,000 per minute
Telecom Psychic Network: We can teach
you how to keep your network visibility
crystal-ball clear. Gain the power to perceive
things that are naturally beyond the range of
human senses.

DPS Telecom, who provides total network visibility through comprehensive remote site monitoring & control, serves companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Lucent, and Volt, helping them to gain the psychic ability they need to spot problems before they occur.

Learn more about how to increase your psychic abilities by attending "The 2002 Telecom Trends and Risks Report" orientation and discover inside information on the 6 trends, 8 risks and 9 process improvements that will literally add millions to your bottom line.

This amazing technology can:

  • Blend seamlessly with your current monitoring systems, while upgrading every area of concern.

  • Monitor every aspect of your network, giving you detailed information and testing ability for status checks any time you desire.

  • Be programmed to automatically alert you at every stage of a potential problem. And allows you to decide who gets notified at what level of problem.

  • Dramatically reduce windshield time driving to locations to determine the problems; you'll know before you go there what the problem is.

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