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When to Update Your Remote Monitoring System

FRESNO, Calif., June 4, 2008 - DPS Telecom, a leading developer of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced today that they have released a valuable new addition to their white paper series: "When to Update Your Monitoring."

For 99% of all network managers working with legacy gear, a complete forklift swap-out of legacy gear is much too expensive to consider. "When to Update Your Monitoring" covers the essentials on how to migrate slowly to an advanced monitoring system, at the pace and budget you decide.

"Legacy support is an essential part of our commitment to creating a custom solution for each client," said DPS Telecom CEO Bob Berry. "We do whatever it takes to give each client network visibility that is effective in protecting their network and adds value to their business."

Are you prepared for a legacy failure? Do you need better alarm notification? Can you get immediate technical support from your current vendor in case of equipment problems? Are they even in business anymore? These insightful questions and more are found in "When to Update Your Monitoring." This guide prepares you for unseen issues that arise from working with an outdated vendor. This white paper contains the most cost-effective solutions to your ongoing legacy problems - so you'll know exactly when to update your monitoring system.

The "When to Update Your Monitoring" white paper covers a variety of topics, including how to prepare for legacy equipment failure, ways a modern vendor can make all of your monitoring easier, and products that can help you achieve a successful controlled migration. This informative white paper also discusses the pitfalls of using legacy gear. You'll learn several ways to avoid the "legacy trap."

With much time and money invested in your existing monitoring systems, you might be a little wary of making the switch to a new vendor and new equipment. With a custom-fit solution from a modern vendor, you'll never have to choose between your legacy gear that's still fully functional and a brand new system. DPS systems integrate legacy and modern equipment, helping you squeeze every last ounce of muscle from your original investment. This new white paper explains how you can get the continued benefit you need from your aging equipment.

To download this new white paper, visit http://www.dpstele.com/update_your_monitoring

DPS publishes a wealth of technical content for their clients and site visitors, including their white paper series and client success stories. "My clients and other people in telecommunications have lots of questions, and there's no accepted place to get the answers," said DPS CEO Bob Berry. "So I decided to make DPS's expertise in the technology and business of network monitoring available to those professionals whose jobs depend on network uptime."

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