Battery System Monitor (BSM) Overview - Track Cell Voltage, Temperature, Conductance, And Resistance

The Battery System Monitor (BSM) integrates wireless battery sensing with your NetGuardian RTU (many NetGuardian models are supported). This creates a single logical device that's monitoring your equipment alarms, environmental alarms, and battery strings.

Whether you have 2V or 12V cells (or something in between), the BSM gives you complete visibility over battery conductance, voltage, temperature, and intercell connection integrity resistance). Simple wiring harnesses minimize the installation time for attaching the sensor modules to your batteries.

Live analog values and threshold alarms can be accessed via SNMP, a T/Mon master station, the NetGuardian's built-in web interface, or SMS/email alerts.

The BSM is an excellent solution for battery string monitoring in both industrial telco and IT environments.

The Battery System Monitor seamlessly integrates into your site monitoring network
  • Measures battery conductance, voltage, temperature, and intercell connection integrity (resistance)
  • NetGuardian RTU connects to Base Coordinator Unit, providing general and battery monitoring through one device.
  • Battery threshold alarms may be reported as SNMP traps, emails, text messages, forwarded to a T/Mon master station, or displayed in the web interface.
  • Compatible with 2V-12V batteries
  • Passive test signal does not discharge battery
  • Simple wiring to batteries
  • Wireless communication between Battery Sensors and Base Coordinator

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