AlphaMax 82S: Ordering Options

AlphaMax Unit
Notification types include alphanumeric & numeric pager and text message.
Ordering Options
AlphaMax-82A - 8 inputs and 2 controls, internal 1200 baud modem, DTMF receiver.
AlphaMax-82S (ASCII Port) - Same as 82A, except it may have access to an external ASCII device via an RS232 virtual channel. Operates on negative 48 volt DC (AC adapter not included)
AlphaMax-82S (ASCII Port) High Speed - Same as 82S, except it has a high speed 33.6K Baud Modem for faster connections.
Wire Wrap Block - Fuse protection and two male DB25 connectors for connecting two AlphaMax-82A's.
Rack Mount Panel - Enables rack mounting up to 3 AlphaMax-82A's or other DPS alarm gathering modules. Also accepts 2 AlphaMax 82A's and a Wire Wrap Block.
23" Rack Mount Panel - Same as above, but fits in 23" rack.
AlphaMax "UPS" Connector Block w/1 Batt. or 2 Batt. : Provides battery backup option, simplifies installation while providing the assurance of continued operation for up to 1 hour after commercial failure has gone out. Ideal for reporting commercial power failures. Mounts on any flat surface near the AlphaMax, a three-foot cable is included for interfacing the RTU.
Discrete and Analog Sensors

Fuel tanks, battery power, lighting systems, and water levels are just some of things you need to monitor to keep your network up and running. Track changing network conditions with these discrete & analog sensors.

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