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NetDog Offline Editor available
Windows-based, Offline Editor
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Your NetDog RTUs serve as your network watchdogs - and it's crucial to keep them online and up-to-date. NetDog's built-in Web Browser is a great way to configure and monitor alarms, but what about storing all that information? Now there's a brand new way to easily configure your RTUs offline. NetDogEdit, a Windows-based utility like the user-friendly NGEdit tools, is now available for the NetDog 82IP G2.

Not only does NetDogEdit make provisioning alarm easier than ever, but now you can save your alarm databases and NetDog configurations as a backup. Save system settings, logon information, port parameters, discrete alarms, ping targets, controls, and other vital settings with NetDogEdit and download the information to a remote NetDog via LAN. If a re-load ever becomes necessary, your valuable provisioning information is safe and secure for swift restoration.

As an offline editor, using NetDogEdit means you won't risk any monitoring downtime. You'll have the ability to rapidly manage multiple units to get them up and running as soon as possible. Installation technicians won't have to worry about unit configuration with NetDogEdit. It's as simple as downloading the configuration file via LAN to the newly-installed unit.

Call DPS Telecom today at 1-800-693-0351 to get your NetDogEdit software. Protect your valuable NetDog configuration files and databases with this offline editor to keep your network watchdogs online and updated.

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