New LAN-based Alarm Remote From DPS

Remote Sites Had Outgrown Embedded Alarming Capacity

The DPS Engineering Team is hard at work. They're busy putting the finishing touches on the newest member of the NetGuardian RTU family: The NetGuardian-16E.

Although a detailed product description will be released in the near future, here's a sneak peek at some of the benefits that this new DPS remote will provide:

Remote Labeled

  • 16 Discrete Alarm Inputs - Just the right amount for your medium-sized sites. You get the capacity you need without paying for more than you'll use.
  • 16 Control Relays - That's more controls than have ever been included in a NetGuardian RTU.
  • Bi-directional Echo - In a bi-directional echo configuration, a pair of RTUs are installed at separate sites. The 16 alarm inputs of each remote are associated on a one-to-one basis with the 16 controls of the other. As alarms are received at one site, the associated controls latch at the other site to respond automatically. This powerful functionality can be achieved using LAN, serial, or dial-up communication.

    DPS Clients have found that an echo configuration can be a very effective way of transporting alarms. It's great when you simply want to slave a few points over to another site. And since an echo configuration only requires 2 pair, you don't have to run dedicated copper.

RTU Echo App

  • 1 RU Form Factor - Despite packing in a lot of functionality, this RTU fits comfortably in just a single rack unit.
  • Available with an AC power option - As an alternative to traditional -48 vdc power, a build option will also be available featuring a standard AC power supply.

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