Have Microwave Radios? Migrate from 4-Wire VF with new VF-VoIP Interface

Do you still use 4-wire VF (Voice Frequency) order wire for voice communications? This is very common if you have microwave radios (ex. Eclipse or Constellation).

While your system may still work, you're probably not interested in deploying new 4-wire gear in your network. On the other hand, you can't just scrap your existing investment all at once for an upgrade.

The best path would be a small converter box that will turn your legacy 4-Wire Order Wire stations into contemporary VoIP Order Wire. This will inexpensively modernize all of your legacy stations at once. Then, you'll be able to add new VoIP stations at new sites and whenever a 4-wire station fails.

Introducing the new VF-VoIP Interface Box

VF-VoIP Interface Box Application
As you can see from the above application drawing, the VF-VoIP Interface Box converts 4-Wire Voice Frequency, making it compatible with other VoIP stations.

DPS engineers created the VF-VoIP Interface to give VF users a superior path for bridging to a modern VoIP system. The VF-VoIP Interface offers 3rd-party legacy compatibility so you can cost-effectively integrate all of your Order Wire stations, regardless of age. For people who depend on Order Wire communications, converting from 4-wire VF to a more modern system no longer requires a complete system swap-out.

Fault-Tolerant Architecture and Classic Order Wire Functions
The VF-VoIP Interface Box is based on the traditional/VF order-wire concepts (station-to-station calling and "hoot 'n' holler" all pages), making integration straightforward and intuitive. Just like the rest of the DPS VoIP Order Wire line, the VF-VoIP Interface Box has no centralized server. This eliminates a critical single point of failure (unlike Order Wire systems from some of the world's biggest technology companies).

VF-VoIP Interface Box Back Panel
The back panel of the VF-VoIP Interface supports a USB Craft Port, 10/100 BaseT LAN, 3/4 AMP GMT Fuse, and a customizable -48V GND power input.

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