Alarm Point Duplicator (APD): Overview

Alarm Point Duplicator front panel with a DB9 craft port.
The Alarm Point Duplicator can duplicate 32 alarm points into two identical groups of relays. Optionally, it can act as a high-capacity SNMP RTU or bridge the gap between your SNMP manager and older non-SNMP equipment.

Create two mirrored sets of 32 contact closures, use as an RTU, or mediate SNMP and older equipment.

Ever had the need to have your alarm points duplicated? Well, now you can do so easily with the Alarm Point Duplicator (APD). The APD can duplicate 32 discrete alarm points. How the duplication is achieved is very simple to understand. 32 discrete alarm points goes in and 2 relays of 32 alarm points each comes out for a total of 64 alarm points outputted. The 2 relays of 32 alarm points are both an exact duplicate of the original 32 alarm points that was inputted into the APD.

The Alarm Point Duplicator is available in 3 configurations.

  1. Duplication of 32 alarm points so you can have one piece of gear sending to multiple systems - The Alarm Point Duplicator (as its name implies) can duplicate 32 discrete (contact closure) alarm points into two identical groups of 32 points each (64 points total). The APD is used to interface a single set of 32 alarm points to multiple alarm remotes or network elements while maintaining isolation between those systems.
  2. High-Capacity RTU so you can control many external devices - The APD can also be used as a high-capacity RTU with 32 discrete inputs and 64 control relay outputs. Acting as an RTU, the APD can report to a T/Mon alarm management platform or any SNMP manager.
  3. SNMP-to-Discrete Mediator so you can control non-SNMP gear with your SNMP manager - Using its 64 relays, the APD can receive SNMP SET commands to latch relays on demand. This gives you a way to bring non-SNMP devices under your SNMP management umbrella.

See full specs for more details.

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