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"This new KDA build meets modern standards and runs twice as fast..."

Before the introduction of the NetGuardian line, the KDA was the workhorse of the DPS RTU fleet. It offered flexible capacity and transport by using two-card chassis. Until the recent introduction of the NetGuardian 864A, the KDA was the only DPS remote capable of monitoring 64 alarm points in a single rack unit.

Now, as we modernize our manufacturing line, some product builds must inevitably be discontinued. But to maintain support for our clients with existing KDA deployments, the new KDA 864 G2 will provide an ongoing opportunity to maintain and grow your monitoring system. If you already have KDA's in your network, you'll be instantly familiar with the KDA 864-TS G2. It's been designed to be virtually identical from a user perspective.

The new KDA 864 G2 with 64 contact closure inputs and twice the speed of the G1 RTU
The new KDA 864 G2 with 64 contact closure inputs and twice the speed of the original model.

The big difference, of course, is the addition of new hardware resources. The new KDA 864 G2 has twice the processor speed, twice the RAM, and four times the code space. This immediately doubles the KDA's speed. The extra RAM and code space make it possible for DPS to update firmware in the future, potentially adding new features.

If you don't have KDA's in your network already, you might be wondering if this new product should mean anything to you. In fact, it is true the we recommend the newer NetGuardian 864A for new deployments where you need 64 discrete points. But, if you're considering alarm monitoring options for an upcoming project, pay attention. The release of the KDA 864 G2 is the latest example of DPS Telecom's support for our products, no matter their age. We have many clients that have standardized on the KDA. Many KDA's have been in the field for more than a decade and continue to perform. To support our clients' desire to remain standardized (even as we enhance our manufacturing processes), we designed the KDA 864 G2.

If you have KDA's in your network, or if you'd simply like more information about DPS alarm remotes ("RTUs"), call us at 1-800-693-0351.

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