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Dantel and Badger Remotes: Replace Aging Equipment With DPS

Replace Outdated Badger and Dantel Remotes With The Advanced Monitoring of T/Mon and NetGuardian RTUs...
Replace Outdated Badger and Dantel Remotes With The Advanced Monitoring of T/Mon and NetGuardian RTUs...

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This solution provides redundancy, eliminates outdated Badger management platforms, and increases your monitoring reliability by replacing all your remotes with contemporary alarm remotes. In addition, this application will allow you also monitor your SNMP based network elements resulting in a consolidated alarm interface spanning your entire enterprise.

To make converting your existing Badger Master's database onto the new T/Mon NOC an easier task, use the Badger Database Conversion Utility program that will allow us to convert your existing Badger Master's database to a database compatible with the T/Mon NOC system. There will be minor adjustments remaining to make, and this utility will greatly reduce the amount of time required to database alarms onto your new T/Mon NOC system and get the system up and running faster.

The T/Mon NOC comes standard with the DCP protocol, which means that depending on the type of Dantel equipment you have, you might be able to bring it directly into the T/Mon. Use the advanced technology of NetGuardian remotes for replacement of your existing Dantel remotes. The NetGuardian 832A will provide you with our latest technology in alarm remotes and it gets better - the NetGuardian 832A can use your existing infrastructure for alarm reporting and can transition to LAN when available. Its flexibility is why the NetGuardian 832A has become our flagship RTU. When used with LAN connection, this unit offers terminal server capabilities, email notification, web browsing and configuration, just to name a few very powerful attributes.

The T/Mon NOC is a rack mounted, -48 VDC dual feed alarm master that will be responsible for: Collecting, filtering, categorizing & presenting alarms, maintaining history, alphanumeric paging and e-mail notification. The T/Mon NOC will use the slide rack which can be placed into 19" or 23" racks. This solution provides the highest level of local alarm visibility.