New Application: Two Ways to Monitor Quantar(TM) Radio Units

You can't afford to be surprised by an radio communications outage. The NetGuardian Q8 attaches directly the back of your QuantarTM radios - but now there's a new way to monitor multiple radio units with one RTU:

Monitor Multiple QuantarTM Radios with the NetGuardian 480
If you have multiple QuantarTM units at your site, then a more cost-effective monitoring solution might be the NetGuardian 480. This device is a powerful and high-capacity monitoring solution, featuring 80 discrete inputs and 4 control relays.

NetGuardian 480 Quantar<sup>TM</sup> monitoring application
The NetGuardian 480 is a robust and cost-effective solution for monitoring several QuantarTM radio systems.

With such a high volume of discrete contact closures, you easily have enough capacity to monitor several QuantarTM units - without paying for any extra features you don't need (like analog inputs, terminal servers, etc.). The NetGuardian 480 allows you to improve the reliability of your radio communications, without cluttering your sites with more monitoring equipment than you really need. It also has the advantage that it can share the amphenol connector, so other control functions (ex. simulcast) can still be accessed.

How to Monitor Only One QuantarTM
The NetGuardian Q8 collects contact closures from your QuantarTM and converts them to SNMP. The SNMP traps are then forwarded to your SNMP manager or T/Mon to notify you quickly when there's a problem with your radios. Installing the NetGuardian Q8 on the back panel of your QuantarTM is an easy two-stop process.

NetGuardian Q8
The NetGuardian Q8 mounts easily inside your QuantarTM radio system.

Learn More About the NetGuardian 480 & Other Applications
Monitoring your communication systems is a proven way to improve reliability in your network. To learn more about how you can use the NetGuardian 480 or NetGuardian Q8 with your QuantarTM radio systems...

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