Monitor Quantar Radios With A NetGuardian Q8 RTU


Equipment Used:

This proposal provides and excellent fit solution for monitoring your Quantar radios with a NetGuardian Q8 RTU.

The NetGuardian Q8 is a specially designed discrete alarm collection unit for a Quantar-branded base station.

Monitors 8 alarm points and issues SNMP/DCPx traps when a fault occurs. 2 internal relays may be activated via remote command from an SNMP Manager or T/Mon. Users may check alarm status via Telnet to view alarms using TTY, Web browser or LED's. It is powered by 13.8VDC, provided by the Quantar.

The NetGuardian Q8 mounts behind the radio and includes a Windows-based configuration utility for programming.

The primary function of the NGD-Q8 is to collect alarms from the Quantar and convert them to SNMP. However, because the unit has individual LED's for each alarm point, you also gain the benefit of local alarm monitoring on the rear of the radio. The LED display also contains status / diagnostic information on the LAN, craft port, relays and power. The front side of the NGD-Q8 hosts two connectors. The first is an RJ45 LAN interface. The second is a DB9 craft port used for quick and easy access for diagnostic and monitoring purposes.

There will be a TTY interface, but its scope will be limited to displaying alarms status, unit diagnostics and setting the IP address. The TTY interface will be accessible from the craft port and via telnet. There will also be Web Browser that will allow convenient access to the alarm status by anyone (with security access rights) who wishes to browse to the unit. The advantages of this are: faster and easier to use, centralized database, LAN / craft port downloadable.