Echo Alarm Notifications Using a NetGuardian V16 G2

Automatic response at 2 different sites

Equipment Used:

The solution presented has been optimized such that it will echo any alarms that have been active for more than 30 seconds at the Primary location to the Secondary location.

Also, presently the NetGuardian V16 G2s will be in constant communication (via UDP) with each other in order to perform the echo application. Whenever this link between the units is broken, an SNMP trap is then sent.

Video review of NetGuardian V16 G2:

The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 monitors 16 discrete software reversible alarm inputs for monitoring contact closure alarms. It features a single built-in Analog Temperature sensor with four programmable thresholds, which can be used to monitor the ambient temperature at the rack level. The unit also features an RJ11 D-Wire Jack to connect to external D-Wire Sensors (sold separately). The unit also comes with up to 18 control relays, for remotely controlling external devices or for echo applications.

It has the ability to provide Verbal alarm notifications via dialup connections to cell phones or land-line phones (ex: home phones). This verbal notification provides all the key information you need to know: the site name, alarm status, timestamp, and more. This is ideal for networks without a 7x24 NOC who need a great deal of flexibility on how to notify their on call team.

The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 has a more advanced notification system that supports:

Additionally the NetGuardian Voice 16 can handle other notification methods such as e-mail (text paging to cell phones), SMS Text Messaging and additional SNMP V1 traps to your T/Mon or other SNMP Manager.

The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 comes standard with 6 Analogs. 2 are dedicated to monitor battery/power inputs and 4 are general purpose analogs that monitor 4-20mA or +/-92Vdc.

Available in Dual +24V, Dual 110AC (Via Power Adapter) and Dual -48V Power.

The integrated Web Browser interface will make for easy and secure (HTTPS) alarm management and unit configuration via corporate LAN/WAN or the Internet. The user-friendly interface allows complete access to all the functions of the unit and enables the user to quickly set up alarm point descriptions, view alarm statuses, issue controls, and configure alarm notification information, as well as additional options.

The Discrete Control Module (DCM) also features echo application capabilities.

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