"Ready For A TBOS-SNMP Makeover?..."

Are you frustrated because you can't bring TBOS alarm detail into your SNMP master? Are you looking for a way to transform your "summary" contact closures from your microwave radios and other TBOS devices into highly-detailed SNMPv3 traps you can actually use? You need more than just a "major" or "minor" notification so you can quickly send the right tech with right tools. You've got loads of different TBOS alarm equipment to support from an era before LAN. Are you having to use an old TBOS alarm master, as well as new screens? This would make anyone feel dizzy.

Turn Your Old Format TBOS Data Into Detailed SNMPv3 Traps With This Easy-To-Use Mediation Device...

NetMediator T2s
Convert TBOS Data Into Detailed SNMPv3 Traps...

What if there was a way for you to fully capture TBOS data from your equipment and convert it to contemporary SNMP traps (even SNMPv3)? Imagine a versatile mediation device that works with any TBOS gear and can offer 24/7 pager and email notifications -even without a master. A powerful tool like this would make your monitoring more productive and slash your alarm response time!

The NetMediatorT2S G5 includes all this, plus the ability to monitor all your TBOS points from a Web interface. The NetMediatorT2S G5 is a LAN-based, SNMP/DCPx RTU with all the tools you need to manage your remote sites. All your TBOS data can be converted to either SNMPv1, v2c and v3 traps using NetMediator's predefined templates - or you can make your own! The NetMediatorT2S G5 features built-in alarm monitoring, paging, and email capabilities. You may not even need to buy a master for small to medium networks!

With the NetMediatorT2S G5, you can:

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