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Monitor Nulinx Radio via Web Rangers and NetGuardians

Monitor Nulinx Radio via Web Rangers and NetGuardians
Monitor Nulinx Radio via Web Rangers and NetGuardians

How This Application Works:

Equipment Used:

We are pleased to offer a monitoring solution that will provide you with a significant improvement to your network alarm management system. We have prepared this application to monitor remote sites and SNMP devices over a LAN connection. We've included the NetGuardian G4 to monitor your remote sites and send relays ouputs to your Hot Standby Switch.

The T/Mon NOC Master Station will collect those alarms from the NetGuardian G4 (via LAN) and monitor your SNMP devices simultaneously. This solution will give you full visibility of your network as well as being able to notify your technicians of alarms, therefore increasing your monitoring reliability.

As you will also find stated in the drawing above, DPS Telecom will provide the NetGuardian G4 remote for alarm monitoring of the Nulinx Radio equipment.

The NetGuardian G4 can be configured many different ways including TTY interface through the front craft port, standard web browser software, however the preferred method for many of our clients, is using a windows based utility called NG Edit, included at no additional cost. This software will allow your client to create a NetGuardian configuration file without being connected to the NetGuardian G4 then download that database to the NetGuardian G4 over a dial up connection, LAN or RS232 craft port. In addition, your client can run reports and maintain a repository of databases in one central location.

The NetGuardian is a very robust alarm remote that has been deployed in thousands of network locations. It's functionality and proven track record will serve your client very well for many years to come.