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Monitor Fujitsu and Badger Equipment - Forward SNMP Traps to NetCool

Monitor Fujitsi and Badger Equipment - Forward SNMP Traps to NetCool
Monitor Fujitsu RTUs with T/Mon - Forward SNMP Traps to NetCool.

How This Application Works:

Equipment Used:

  • T/Mon NOC.
  • Fujitsu Equipment.
  • Badger Equipment (to be replaced).
  • NetCool SNMP Manager.

Replacing pre-existing equipment is something that every company has to do at one point or another. Technology improves over time and equipment can become obsolete quickly. In this application, a Badger Master is replaced with a T/Mon NOC as part of an improved monitoring solution.

This specific application features the replacement of the Badger Master, with the T/Mon NOC Master Station. The T/Mon (in this application only) comes preloaded with Badger Interrogator software, SNMP Trap Processor and SNMP Forwarding software.

The application feature several components. The RTUs being monitored are made by Fujitsu. They have SNMP over IP capability, which allows them to communicate with an SNMP Master, such as the T/Mon.

NetCool is also featured in this application. If your company uses NetCool as an SNMP manager, the T/Mon has the ability to connect to it via SNMP over IP. You can then continue to forward your SNMP Traps to NetCool, just as before.

Lastly, the T/Mon's web browser application, called T/Grafx, adds another level of monitoring security. The T/Mon connects to the T/Grafx loaded on to a PC. The company then has the ability to set email notifications, alarms and other settings using the T/Grafx

These components work together to give your company improved network visibility. Additionally, this solution seamlessly integrates the T/Mon with your existing network, allowing you to only replace the equipment that needs to be replaced. This saves you valuable time and money.

DPS Telecom offers a 30-day no-risk, money-back guarantee. You can field-test your monitoring solution under real-world conditions at your site, backed by complete DPS Telecom support, for 30 days. If the solution doesn't meet your needs, send it back for a full refund.

Additionally, DPS offers a long-term client relationship commitment, and 24-hour emergency technical support, as well as other client services with the purchase of equipment.

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