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Monitor Your Whole Network from One Uniform Platform

Monitor Your Whole Network from One Uniform Platform
Support For Abandoned NEC 21GTX Equipment IAM-5 NetGuardian 832A Legacy Support for Orphaned LarScan 1200 RTUs Support For Abandoned NEC 21GTX Equipment

Maintain Network Reliability of Diverse Equipment

The T/Mon NOC collects information from a wide variety of equipment, regardless of manufacturer or protocol, and displays the status of your entire network in one uniform, easy-to-use interface. No matter how diverse your network, you can monitor any type of alarm with the T/Mon NOC.

Advanced Monitoring of Your Existing Remotes

The T/Mon NOC can receive alarms from many remotes from other manufacturers, including Badger, Dantel, Granger, Larse, NEC, and Pulsecom. The T/Mon NOC is a smooth migration path to advanced monitoring capabilities without the cost of replacing your entire monitoring network.

No-Risk Custom Design Solutions

You're never taking any risks when you purchase DPS Telecom products. Every T/Mon NOC system we make is customized for the specific needs of the client who orders it. Our client consultation process guarantees that you'll get the complete monitoring coverage your network needs, without paying for costly and unnecessary extras. If your network has unique needs, we'll create a custom design system just for you. And all our products, including custom solutions, are backed by our 30-day no-risk guarantee.

Significant Cost Reductions

Consolidating all your alarm monitoring on the T/Mon NOC will save you money in several ways:

  • You'll save on initial expenditure, since you only need to buy one monitoring console instead of specialized terminals for each type of device you monitor.
  • You'll save the cost of replacing remotes, since you'll be able to use your legacy remotes as long as they can function.
  • You'll save on operation and maintenance costs, since you only need to work with one system.
  • You'll even save on staffing costs, because with a single uniform interface you can monitor your network with a smaller staff without specialized training on multiple pieces of equipment.