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Roadway Traffic System Monitoring via SNMP and Pager Alerts

Roadway Traffic System Monitoring via SNMP and Pager Alerts
Roadway Traffic System Monitoring via SNMP and Pager Alerts

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

We've modified this solution such that the T/Mon NOC is now 110VAC powered.

This solution takes the form of our central alarm master station: the T/Mon NOC. The T/Mon NOC will provide you a central aggregation point for SNMP based alarm notifications from the Roadway Traffic System. As observed, it has a powerful notification system that is a must have for any 7 x 24 operation where uptime is critical. Its ability to detect "device failures" will let the monitoring team know when things are NOT being monitored.

Though not included in this application, the T/Mon solution can be expanded into a redundant system configuration to address disaster recovery scenarios at any point down the road.

At this time we are preparing a separate document that you may choose to incorporate into your master specification list. It features some of the best practices from 20 year history of master station deployments. Furthermore, your MIB files should be submitted for testing. This ensures that the master station and the Roadway Traffic System MIBs will be compatible.

The T/Mon NOC is an IP based central master station. It will be preloaded with the SNMP based software module that will enable it to receive SNMP alarm messages over IP. Furthermore, it will have the capacity to ping over 500,000 separate elements in your network.

The T/Mon NOC will then notify key staff, either though email alarm notification (cell phone) or through a pager via it's built in POTS modem. In features an alarm escalation tree, vacation notification as well as several other programmable features.