Video: SNMP Trap Processor

If you send and receive SNMP traps in your network, you need to watch this video. With the SNMP Trap Processor module, T/Mon can convert incoming SNMP traps. They can be converted into on-screen alerts, pages, emails, and voice dial-outs. Plus, you can also bring in alarms from ASCII text sources (like telecom switches) and non-SNMP remotes. Watch this video to see application diagrams that explain these important functions.

"My name is Andrew and today I'm going to be walking you through the T/Mon SNMP processor. Before we get into the details of T/Mon though let's take a look at what a standard SNMP manager does. A standard SNMP manager accepts trap messages from SNMP RTUs and other SNMP equipment out in the field. It will then display those traps generally in a list view for review by a human operator. Now let's look at what T/Mon does. T/Mon accepts trap messages from the same SNMP RTUs and the same SNMP equipment but it also accepts incoming alarms from legacy equipment, equipment with ASCII text output such as a telecom switch and many other types of equipment. And it doesn't just display those alarms in a list view, you have a Windows interface, a geographic map interface that also supports floor plans and wrapped photographs, and a web 2.0 interface with analog gauges that requires no software installation - and you can see that each of those methods supports multiple concurrent users so you're not limited to just a single screen, you can have a whole team looking at arms if that's what you need. You're also not trapped at your screen, you can output alarms via email, you can have T/Mon call you and speak the alarm text to you over the phone, and you can even send text messages to a cell phone - that's a very popular and very convenient method. Finally you can pass your SNMP traps and other alarms to a higher level Master station.

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TrapManager Utility

TrapManager is an efficient utility provided by DPS Telecom for analyzing SNMP v1 traps from DPS remotes on your network. Unlike less focused tools, this small software tool is one of the quickest methods to diagnose SNMP transport problems.

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SNMP White Papers from DPS Telecom

The DPS Telecom white paper series includes several papers devoted to SNMP fundamentals, migration, troubleshooting, and more. Get the information you need to make your SNMP implementation a success.

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