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Monitor Turin SONET Equipment over TL1, Badger Equipment, and SNMP Gear

How This Application Works:

This solution will provide you with a significant improvement to your network alarm management system, something that no free SNMP manager can even approach. As you will see in this application drawing, this solution addresses your important concerns, including eliminating obsolete monitoring equipment, increasing monitoring reliability, and consolidation of subsystem alarms.

Monitor Turin SONET Equipment over TL1, Badger Equipment, and SNMP Gear
Monitor Turin SONET Equipment over TL1, Badger Equipment, and SNMP Gear

This solution provides you with a way to gradually, and in a controlled fashion, migrate away from your existing legacy equipment using the T/Mon NOC and the NetGuardian G4's. The T/Mon NOC preloaded with the Badger Interrogator Software Module will receive alarms over your existing RS232 transport so it will require very little effort or expense on your part to make changes to your existing infrastructure. In addition this proposal features NetGuardian G4's that will eventually replace the older Badger units and provide alarm visibility at sites where you currently have no alarm collection whatsoever. We've also design the necessary software for monitoring the TL1 alarms from your Turin SONET equipment and your SNMP based routers and servers.

Equipment Used:
  • T/Mon NOC
  • NetGuardian RTUs
  • Badger 2000 manager (replaced)
  • Badger 481 (replaced)
  • Badger remotes (replaced)
  • Turin SONET Equipment
  • Routers
  • Servers

This solution will allow you to monitor your existing Badger equipment, NetGuardian G4's, TL1 alarms from your Turin SONET equipment as well as SNMP v1 or v2 traps from your routers and servers. The NetGuardian G4 will report alarms to the T/Mon NOC over LAN but will also report alarms over a POTS line in the event of a LAN failure.

In order to directly poll your existing Badger equipment, we've created the Badger 481 software interrogation module. We've populated the T/Mon NOC with 4 RS232 interfaces, one of which will be used for polling the Badger remotes the others will be available for other applications. We've also included a database conversion utility that will allow your existing Badger 481 database to be substantially transferred to the T/Mon NOC saving considerable time & errors.

The Badger to T/Mon NOC Database Conversion utility will be used prior to the delivery and turn up of the T/Mon NOC. It's designed to convert the database from your Badger 2000 manager to a format that the T/Mon NOC can use. It does this by performing the "Bulk" of the transfer. This utility will transfer: Address, Points, Provisioning information (Points/Controls) and create site controls. This converter drastically reduces the time it takes to be up and running on T/Mon NOC and reduces manual data conversion errors. The user must still fine tune point database by entering alarm severity and windows. It is intended that this utility be run by DPS personnel during the system turn up process. Operation requires a "captured" database dump from the Badger 2000 Master.

The SNMP Trap Processor Software Module will give the T/Mon NOC the ability to receive SNMP traps from your routers and servers and convert them to standardized T/Mon alarms so you will be able to view them. This will result in a very powerful SNMP manager because not only will the T/Mon be able to accept DCPx from DPS remotes, you will also be able to monitor other SNMP devices as well. This software module will support V1 as well as V2 devices and is very simple to use. Simply compile the MIB onto the T/Mon NOC, select the rules for how you want to see those alarms and you've integrated those into the system.

The DTMF/Voice Interface for the T/Mon NOC lets you acknowledge or silence alarms from the field, using any touch-tone/cell phone. As easy and familiar as a voice voice-mail system, the DTMF/Voice Interface uses recorded voice prompts to guide your technicians through a menu of options, and they can just select their choice by pressing a phone button. The T/Mon NOC will keep track of who acknowledges the alarms over the phone.

The hardware portion of the DTMF / voice interface takes form as a -48 V, 1RU unit. The hardware is rack mountable on either 19" or 23" racks. Local visibility can be seen with the status LED's in the front. This unit will permit your T/Mon NOC to receive DTMF commands from a touch-tone phone. It supports local vocabulary and voice to prompt user for commands. It will be used with the DTMF On-Call software module. It will use the RS232 to interface with the T/Mon NOC. This hardware package comes standard with a 6 ft cable as well as a phone line cable.