DPS is Going Green with Electronic User Manuals

Electronic PDF User Manual
New Electronic (PDF) User Manuals from DPS.

After speaking with many clients like you, we've learned that a sizeable majority prefer an electronic (PDF) user manual for RTUs (but you still value the printed manual for T/Mon user manuals).

That's why we've started to ship all RTU, PDU, and similar orders (all except T/Mon) with electronic user manuals in 2 forms:

Compared to including a printed user manual with every product we ship, electronic PDF manuals have the following 5 advantages:

  1. Easily search for any topic you need.
    PDF viewers include a handy keyword search function (usually accessible via Ctrl+F)
  2. You can't lose the manual.
    Make copies from the included product CD or download a new one from DpsTele.com at any time.
  3. You won't end up with excessive user manuals after placing a large order.
    Some DPS clients order hundreds of RTUs at once, then receive a printed manual in every box. Few, if any, of these manuals are actually used, generating a big stack of waste.
  4. Reduced environmental waste from printing manuals.
    DPS equipment was "green" long before that became fashionable. Our gear generally consumes minimal electricity in your racks, and good alarm monitoring helps you to reduce wasteful unnecessary truck rolls. Reducing paper waste reduces your environmental impact even further.
  5. You'll always have the newest version of the user manual at DpsTele.com
    If you visit DpsTele.com/mydps/ to retrieve a user manual when you need it, you'll always be using the newest version.

If you like paper user manuals and you're not happy with this change, don't forget that we're DPS. We're glad to customize to meet your needs. If you'd like a printed manual, just tell us when you order.

We're here to help.


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