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Onsite Network Alarm Monitoring Training is Required

Your system is not running optimally and its not clear how to change that

There are several ways in which you could potentially find yourself in this position:

  • The people who were originally trained haven't been there for a long time.
  • Originally, there was no budget for training.
  • The original plan was to self-educate

Regardless of the cause, this is a big issue because your company is not maximizing its investment in monitoring, and your network visibility isn't as optimized to where it should be. Time is being wasted because you are not able to leverage the tools that are already in place. The only thing that is really clear is that it is your job to see that everything gets properly deployed very quickly.

DPS has the training and technical resources to get your system back on track

DPS has a training solution applicable to your situation. Our on-site turn-up assistance program is the best and fastest way to tune up your system. We come on site to review you system's current configuration, work with the system administrators to show them how to best use and configure the system for you's needs. We also cover RTU configurations and have a special section where we provide basic training to your everyday users. You end up with a system that runs great that you know how to maintain it going forward. Other training options include a 4 day Tuition free training at Fresno California (provided you have the T/Mon Gold or Platinum plans).


On-Site Training and Turn Up Assistance

If you have a large team to be trained on remote monitoring, he best idea for monetary responsibility is to have a DPS Trained Technician visit your location and provide On-Site Training for KDA, NetGuardians, DPM, and the TMon Master Station.

This training will:

  • Provide further training to your entire team to allow for an overall increase in DPS equipment usefulness.
  • Create an informed and knowledgeable staff - distribute the knowledge

This proposal is for training provided by our DPS training professional. The training, as directly requested will cover the following:

  • RTU Fundamentals
  • KDA
  • Analog Points
  • Templates
  • TRAPS differences (Versions 1, 2, and 3)

The course content is based on the DPS factory training, but because it is an "on site" course, it can be tailored to your exact training needs. Obviously, you save a considerable amount of travel expenses over the factory training, because you don't have all the expenses (and hassles) of sending your staff to California.

Training Brief:

  • Day 1 Start Day review, setup, Formal training of RTU
  • Day 2 First half monitor mode, second half data-basing.
  • Day 3 SNMP - What is it and how do you database in TMon
  • Day 4 ASCII - How does ASCII work (also install on TMon)
  • Day 5 Additional ASCII, Advance training and last minute questions

We look forward to working with your team to ensure a successful install.