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The Top 9 T/Mon Mobile Web Features List

There's nothing new about network technicians spending a lot of time out in the field. What IS new are the smartphone-based monitoring tools you can give to your field techs.

With a master station's mobile web interface, your technicians can view alarms anywhere they have wireless coverage - just as if they were back at the central office. But without the right features, a mobile web interface won't be very useful (at best) or may actually waste your time (at worst). Here are the Top 9 Features of the T/Mon Mobile Web Interface:

  1. Ack alarms
    With a single click, you can easily acknowledge a single alarm, an entire page, or the entire window. This allows technicians to easily ack alarms on-the-go, without returning to the NOC or leaving alarms unacknowledged for extended periods of time. Of course, a the mobile web interface observes all of the normal T/Mon user privileges that restrict the ability to "ack" at the user level.
  2. Adjustable Font Size
    A common issue with many mobile web pages is the text is simply too small to read. Sure, you can zoom in, but then you'll waste time moving around the page just to read some text. With the T/Mon web interface, this is no longer an issue. Font size is easily adjusted, so it's always easy to read.
  3. Operate Control Relays On-The-Go
    What happens if some critical network equipment freezes and requires a reboot, and the nearest tech is 45 miles away? Do you let your network go dark for nearly an hour? Of course not - the T/Mon mobile web interface allows for the remote operation of control relays, right from the mobile web interface. Instead of pulling the technician off of his current project and dealing with the headaches of an outage, your tech can quickly send a command to the relay to power cycle the equipment.
    T/Mon Mobile Web
    The T/Mon mobile web interface features mobile alert acking, adjustable font size, secure web browsing, and "breadcrumb" navigation.
  4. web interface
    Secure HTTPS/SSL Encryption
    Accessing alarms via mobile web doesn't mean you have to sacrifice security. T/MON mobile web supports SSL encryption, meaning your connection to the T/Mon mobile web interface will be secure.
  5. "Breadcrumb" Navigation
    Navigating the T/Mon mobile web interface is easy. By using the "breadcrumb" navigation links at the top, you can easily navigate back to previous pages or windows. This allows for quick and easy navigation - so you spend more time monitoring and less time fumbling through a clunky interface.
  6. Supports Multiple Concurrent Users
    Support for only a single user will only slow you and your team down, that's why the T/Mon web interface allows multiple concurrent users. Several technicians can access the interface at once, allowing for more efficient monitoring.
  7. Designed for Mobile Phones
    Instead of seeing a standard web interface crunched to fit on a small, mobile phone screen, the T/Mon mobile web interface is designed specifically for smartphones. T/Mon can recognize the difference between a PC and a smartphone and appropriately display the right interface. Instead of struggling to use a regular web interface on your phone, the T/Mon mobile web interface offers you a clean and easy way to monitor your alarms on-the-go. It's structured as a series of screens that allow you to quickly navigate to the data you need.
    T/Mon Mobile Web
    T/Mon mobile web "breadcrumb" navigation - easily navigate the interface.
  8. Nuisance Alarm Filtering
    When it comes to mobile monitoring, there absolutely has to be a way to filter out the important alarms from the less urgent ones. You can't have your phone flooded with alerts, but at the same time, you need to receive the ones that matter. That's why T/Mon features sophisticated nuisance alarm filtering, which you can activate directly from your phone. This way, you can filter out the less important alarms and prioritize the serious ones.
  9. Universal Phone Support
    The T/Mon mobile web interface can be used on any smartphone - no matter the mobile OS, the model, the brand, or the platform. Since the T/Mon mobile web is accessed using your phone's web browser, you don't have to worry about finding and installing the right app for your phone. This makes accessing the mobile web interface fast, easy, and universal.

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Leveraging mobile technology to improve visibility over your network should be an easy decision. With a mobile NOC, your network instantly becomes more reliable - saving you the headaches associated with preventable outages.

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