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DPS Telecom Celebrates its 20th Year

October 2006 marks the 20th anniversary of DPS. The company has come a long way since it began in 1986:

The People

DPS Telecom was founded by Bob Berry, Eric Storm, and Ron Stover in a modest 1700-sq-ft facility in a corner of Fresno. In its first few years, the company was an engineering house with a focus on software development.

Bob Berry and Eric Storm in the early years of DPS Televised move to a new headquarters
A small team with big ideas 1994 Company Photo

Not long after, DPS transitioned into a software products company in the Telecommunications industry, eventually manufacturing hardware, as well. "All I ever wanted to do was sell software," remembers C.E.O. Bob Berry. "But to do that, I had to learn how to make green boards, how to make chassis, and how to market, only to find out that those things were even more fun than software."

Groundbreaking ceremony DPS Headquarters
Breaking ground at the new DPS headquarters in 1998

Today, everything at DPS happens in-house. This strategy of vertical integration has required multiple expansions. On several occasions, the DPS team has outgrown its home and moved to a larger one. In 2007, DPS expansion will take the form of a 28,000-sq-ft production facility directly behind the existing headquarters.

The New DPS production facility, coming in 2007
An architectural drawing of the new 28,000-sq-ft DPS production facility, coming in 2007.

The Technology

While total client satisfaction has always been the core focus at DPS, the methods used to achieve that goal have evolved over the years. The product design, engineering, sales, and tech support processes at DPS are constantly improving to increase the value delivered to clients.

In its first 10 years, DPS strengthened its system control, processes, and quality. The DPS Production Department grew rapidly. Early on, a small team technicians assembled and soldered boards by hand. When that process was unable to keep up with demand, DPS added automated through-hole and wave soldering technology. More recently, surface-mount technology (SMT) was brought in further increase quality, efficiency, and capacity. A metal fabrication shop has also been added to further improve design and production flexibility.

Through-Hole Technology (THT) Surface-Mount Technology (SMT)
Automated production at DPS increases quality and efficiency.

DPS has also created broad range of in-house tools to better serve its clients. These tools facilitate rapid communication between internal departments, accelerating the custom product development process and ensuring a continued focus on client needs.

Looking back...

In 1986, a gallon of gas cost about $0.93, a cell phone was a rare sight, and long distance rates averaged nearly $.50/minute!

In the Telecommunications Industry, technology has advanced tremendously in the last 2 decades. In 1986, alarm reporting occurred primarily over dial-up connections and dedicated 4-wire circuits. Today, most alerts are sent via LAN. By keeping all of its operations in-house, DPS has swiftly responded to the changing needs of network architects.

DPS Telecom was named to the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private companies
In 1997, DPS Telecom
was named to the
Inc. 500 list of
fastest growing
private companies

The Vision

"We're a high-mix, perfect-fit solutions house," said DPS President Eric Storm. "But we view ourselves more as consultants. We strongly believe in the value of monitoring and ensuring that our clients are monitoring correctly, and that is best reflected in our sales process. We don't tell our clients what they need. We listen. We ask them what they are trying to accomplish so that we can work with them to provide a perfect-fit solution."

From the early days of a 3-man local-area software development house, DPS products are now protecting networks all over the world. Our clients are the "who's who" in the Telecom industry, ranging from service providers, to users, to equipment manufacturers spanning multiple industries.

The DPS Team
The DPS Team

Even though much has changed in 20 years, some things never will. At DPS, we've maintained our commitment to client service, which often encompasses custom product design and engineering. "We have consistently adapted our products and services to the ever-changing needs of our clients," said Storm. "The growth we've experienced is based on our vision. We truly value our relationships with our clients. The ultimate proof is that we're still working with many of our original clients."

By developing products and services that positively impact its clients' operations, DPS Telecom team has become not just an equipment vendor, but truly your partners in network reliability management.™

DPS Telecom

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