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IP Camera Knowledge Base for Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control Applications

We introduced this page to serve as a repository for information about IP Cameras used in a Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control environment. IP Cameras in Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control typically serve either as General Video Sources or as Telemetry Devices.

There are some links to other www.dpstele.com resources with specific content related to camera technology at the end of the text. We invite online community feedback and will adjust this page to include additional IP camera information as requested. Please use the form below the resource links to give us your feedback requests.

General Video Sources

Cameras designed to be general video sources typically require higher bandwidth for standard streaming access. They are typically linked to from monitoring and control system user interfaces for spontaneous visual review of a site. Specific events may trigger a review but the video is typically independant of the Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control system. Separate video servers and/or recording systems are sometimes employed to provide archival video capturing.

General video source cameras are frequently designed for installation in facilities with normal 110/220V commercial AC power. Some cameras designed as general video sources have features that overlap Telemetry Cameras to some degree. Digital TTL inputs, open collector outputs and motion detection triggering are features with some similarity to those found on Telemetry Cameras.

Telemetry Devices

Cameras designed to be telemetry devices frequently operate for extended periods without any spontaneous viewing access. They will however be somewhat more closely integrated with the Remote Alarm Monitoring and Control system. They generate an alarm event in response to a continuously monitored input and the captured video before and after the event for visual review. The recording requirements are considerably less limited, by design, to intervals surrounding monitored events.

They can have ruggedized, industrial enclosures and more robust input / output. Their digtial inputs can sustain higher wetting voltages and they may have actual relay dry contact instead of open collector ouptuts. Consistent with their telemetry premises wiring and more stationary positioning they may have digital instead of mechanical pan and zoom.

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