Orsus SNMP Manager:
Protect Your Sites with Viedo Surveillance and
View Live Feed Over PPP With NetGuardian...

Achieve Remote Site Surveillance and View Using PPP...
Achieve Remote Site Surveillance and View Using PPP...

Equipment Used:

How This Application Works:

This application shows you how to achieve alarm and video monitoring. This solution uses NetGuardian G5s at both the NOC Center and the remote sites to collect alarms and control client supplied web based cameras via dial up PPP connection. When an alarm occurs at the site, the NetGuardian will initiate a dial up PPP session using the PPP client to the NOC Center, running in PPP Host Mode operation. The alarm trap will then be sent through the PPP Host at the NOC Center and forward to the ORSUS Manager. After which, the PPP connection will be terminated.

By opening up a web page at the NetGuardian/NOC Center and selecting to establishing a PPP connection with a NetGuardian in the field, you will be able to view the cameras at each individual remote site. Once the session is established, the camera controls at the ORSUS Manager will allow you to view anything at the site. That same web page used to begin the PPP session will allow you to break it once you are done. The cameras will be connecting to a low bandwidth modem, so you should select an appropriate low bandwidth model. The NetGuardian's proposed include a 4 port 10/100 switch, which will have three ports available for camera connections.

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