Guaranteed E2A Monitoring Solutions

E2A solutions that are guaranteed to work for your alarm monitoring application ... or your money back

  • E2A remote: KDA 864 (64 discrete alarms - expandable to 256 discrete inputs - 8 controls, plus options for 8-16 analog alarms, 4-8 TBOS ports, and 3 ASCII craft ports.
  • E2A master / mediator: The TMon / IAM Remote Alarm Monitoring System monitors alarms from E2A devices or mediates alarms from over 25 protocols to E2A - plus more advanced features like after-hours notification, nuisance alarm filtering, Web Browser interface and more.
There's no risk ... all DPS Telecom solutions are backed by a money-back, no-risk guarantee.

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KDA 864 E2A remote telemetry unit
KDA 864-E2
E2A remote

KDA 864-E2
Full Specifications
TMon / IAM E2A master / mediator
TMon / IAM
E2A master / mediator
TMon / IAM
Full Specifications

KDA 864-E2 mediates common alarms to E2A

  • Battery plants, rectifiers, and generators
  • Switches, routers, servers, microwave radios, optical carriers
  • Temperature, humidity, and site security sensors

Advanced KDA-E2 features

  • Alternate dial-up path reporting: Support for LAN, serial, and dial-up connections gives RTUs an alternate reporting path in case of network failures.
  • Expansion options: add extra units for greater alarm capacity, or modules for analog alarms, TBOS ports, or ASCII craft ports.

TMon / IAM E2A monitoring and protocol mediation

The TMon / IAM Remote Alarm Monitoring System ...

  • Monitors alarms from E2A devices
  • Mediates over 25 standard, proprietary, and legacy protocols to E2A, including TL1, SNMP, and TABS
  • Displays alarm notifications in plain English, with specific instructions for correcting alarms.
  • Web browser interface for easy access to alarm information from any computer
  • Automatically sends detailed notifications and instructions to repair technicians by alphanumeric pager, cell phone, and e-mail.

Guaranteed, risk-free E2A solutions

DPS Telecom E2A monitoring solutions are:

  • Designed and built by network alarm monitoring experts
  • Guaranteed to work for you
  • Backed by a no-risk, money-back guarantee.

DPS Telecom remote monitoring solutions have proved themselves in thousands of successful implementations. When major long-distance carriers, RBOCs, ILECs/CLECs, and Fortune 500 companies need remote monitoring solutions, they turn to DPS Telecom.

Bob Berry - CEO, DPS Telecom, E2A Monitoring Specialist

"Every E2A monitoring solution I make is backed by my no-risk, money-back guarantee. If you buy my equipment and you're not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, simply return it for a full refund. If my product doesn't solve your problem, I don't want you to have it."
- Bob Berry, CEO, DPS Telecom

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