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NetMediator T2S


Send TBOS Alarms Directly to Your SNMP or TL1 Manager

The NetMediator T2S works for you

The NetMediator T2S mediates up to 8 ports of 8 displays each of TBOS alarm data to SNMP traps - enabling more productive monitoring of microwave radios and other TBOS devices from contemporary SNMP-based network operation centers.

With the NetMediator, you don't have to rely on uninformative major/minor summary alarms to monitor your radios. The NetMediator fully captures TBOS data and converts it to highly detailed, informative SNMP traps.

You'll be able to diagnose equipment problems with a high degree of accuracy. You can send the right technician with the right tools on the very first truck roll, reducing maintenance costs and windshield time.

And there's a lot more to the NetMediator, like its built-in terminal server functionality through four reach-through serial ports. You'll be able to access, configure, and reboot on-site equipment through a remote Telnet session.

New York City Transit
"We discovered that the NetMediator had
TBOS and TABS, and that it was a simple,
soft migration to integrate them."

-Warren Hochman
Senior Director
New York City Transit

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What can the NetMediator T2S do for you?

  • Mediate 8 TBOS devices to SNMP and DCP(x) alarm managers.
  • Update your TBOS monitoring to contemporary standards.
  • Mediated TBOS provides more detailed, useful information than major/minor alarms - isolate equipment problems before the first dispatch.
  • 4 reach-through serial ports for Telnet operation of network elements.
  • 32 reversible discrete alarms, 8 analog inputs (voltage/current), and 8 controls.
  • Remote access.
  • Monitor actual analog temperature and battery level.
  • Easy configuration.
  • Local audible and visual alarm notification.
  • Slim 1 RU form factor saves rack space.
  • FREE lifetime firmware upgrades.
  • 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee.
NetMediator T2S example

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