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VoIP OrderWire System

This VoIP OrderWire systems plugs right into your LAN and delivers free voice communication between sites. You'll contact sites directly using Station-to-Station mode, use Hoot 'n Holler to quickly locate your techs, and setup a conference call between selected stations using Party Line mode. VoIP OrderWire from DPS is available with or without built-in NetGuardian alarm monitoring.

VoIP OrderWire

Tempdefender G2

Tempdefender RTU
The TempDefender is your server-room guardian. Designed with 4 D-Wire sensor inputs to handle up to 16 daisy-chained analog sensors, the TempDefender can report on all the environmental conditions in your server room, so you don't have to run analogs to multiple remotes. The TempDefender also provides 8 additional discrete contacts to supplement alarm monitoring for your valuable IT equipment.

Remote Power Switch

With this power switch, available in both AC and DC versions, you'll power on/off and reboot all your critical devices - right from your desk at the Central Office. Using any PC on your network, you can operate controls, check the temperature at the site, and keeps tabs on power consumption - all without rolling a single truck. Remote Power Switch Products are available with or without RTU functionality.
Remote power switch


The Battery Voltage Monitor G3 tracks battery jar voltages, temperatures, and internal resistance for a string of cells at your site. If even one batter in the monitored string falls out of its normal range by more than the desired percentage, the BVM will report back to you, so you can take action before the bad battery ruins the whole string.


With this camera and RTU in one, you don't need to wonder what's going on at your sites. The new SiteMON IP enables you to make security decisions remotely, allowing you to dispatch on-call staff, security, or even police. SiteMON integrates with your existing monitoring systems, so you can trigger image capture on certain events (alarms, motion, etc.), or view live feeds through T/Mon, the NetGuardian interface, or SiteMON's own web interface. Available with or without an outdoor enclosure.
SiteMon IP G2

NetGuardian-Q8 G2

NetGuardian-Q8 G2
The NetGuardian Q8 is an SNMP-based alarm collection device designed to monitor Quantar radios. The 8-10 discrete-point-remote mounts directly to the Quantar and is powered by the radio as well, using no rack-space or independent power to turn your Modbus radios into powerful SNMP remotes.