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The right monitoring tool for your tower lights is a small, cost-effective, and ultrareliable remote that will notify you when tower light outages and other problems occur. This kind of remote can be inexpensively placed at all your remote tower sites and give you guaranteed results for years to come.

But you have to be careful. If you don't know what to look for when talking to vendors, you could easily end up stuck with an indequate remote, or one with more capacity than you'll ever use.

5 Key Features of High-Quality Tower Light Monitoring Solutions

1) Automatic Paging Alerts

You can't always be in front of your PC. A good remote will send an alert to your pager or cell phone when you're out in the field (or after hours), giving you detailed information about your tower status.

2) Dial-up and LAN connectivity

A remote that is well suited for tower light monitoring will support dial-up and LAN communication. Dial-up is an inexpensive way to collect alarms, and LAN allows for monitoring in a convenient web browser interface.

3) UPS backup power

When the power fails at your site, that's when you need monitoring the most. Remotes with an uninterruptible power source (UPS) will remain online when the power is out.

4) Web browser interface

A web browser interface provides a convenient way to monitor your towers from any LAN-connected workstation.

5) Text messages that tell your staff exactly how to respond

When a tower light fails, the FCC requires that you notify the FAA within 30 minutes (or risk being fined). With a monitoring system that supports detailed text messages, your notification times can be closer to 30 seconds.
Tower Notification

Can You Afford Not to Invest in Monitoring for Your Tower Sites?

Alarm monitoring for your tower sites is an investment that will help you to avoid unnecessary expense. The risk of FCC fines for tower light outages dwarfs the cost of a quality monitoring system. If you're not monitoring your tower lights adequately, you're putting your company's revenue (and possibly your personal career future) at risk. Invest in critical alarm monitoring equipment before your next major outage.

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