Protocol Mediation Device Benefits

These devices will mediate over 20 standard, proprietary, and legacy protocols. The right protocol mediation solution will link your older alarm monitoring equipment with the latest network management systems. This extends the useful life of your legacy gear without limited the future growth of your network. Protocol mediation is a cost-effective solution that avoids the unnecessary budgetary and manpower expense of replacing functional equipment.

T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System

Intelligent Alarm Mediator

T/MonXM software on the T/Mon NOC hardware monitors, mediates, and forwards alarm data in over 25 standard and proprietary protocols, including legacy equipment no one else can support.



The NetMediator is a general-purpose monitoring and mediation device. Its capabilities enable DPS Telecom to develop a custom tailored solution for your application.

KDA 832-T8

KDA 832-T8

The KDA 832-T8 is a combination alarm collection and protocol mediation device. with 32 discrete alarms and 8 controls. The KDA 832-T8 also collects data from up to 8 TBOS devices connected to its 8 TBOS ports. The collected alarm data is then forwarded in DCP(f/x) or TRIP to the T/Mon NOC.

DPM 216 - TL1

DPM 216 - TL1

The DPM 216-TL1 / TBOS & Discrete to TL1 Converter is the perfect solution for those who want to make their network elements TL1 aware. This unit will convert a single TBOS port, possibly containing up to eight devices, into a SONET compatible TL1 message. In addition, it converts up to 16 miscellaneous points, typically environmentals, into TL1 as well.

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