24-Port DC-Powered Ethernet Switch

24-port DC-powered switch
The GigaSwitch 24 is a DC-powered 24-port ethernet switch built for telco-grade reliability.

We have prepared this solution that covers two technologies. The first is a -48VDC, 24 port, 10/100/1000 Gigabit (on all ports) Switch.

The second consists of the NetGuardian 832A as well as a Hardened Industrial Temperature Range version of that same remote, which will operate from -30C to 70C. This version of the NetGuardian uses more durable versions of certain key components to drive the operating temperature range to even further extremes than the default configuration.

By implementing the Gigabit Switch solution, you will gain an immediate benefit of vendor consolidation and a high standard of customer service. This RTU is a one RU unit that has multiple device technologies that only takes one slot in your rack.

How This Application Works:

Equipment Used:
  • GigaSwitch 24 (Ethernet Switch)
  • NetGuardian 832A
    (optional extended temperature range)

The normal NetGuardian 832A is a large-capacity RTU that monitors 32 discrete alarms and 8 analog alarms, pings 32 network elements, controls 8 relays, provides LAN reach through access to 8 serial ports, and reports via SNMP v2c or DCPX, e-mail, or pagers. The G5 can be customized for almost any network monitoring application, whether you're using ethernet, fiber, or wireless, SNMP, DNP3, or DCP, and be expanded later to handle more as your network grows. Click here for more info on the 832A G5.