AlphaMax 82A And 82S

The AlphaMax 82S is a compact dial-up alarm system remote. The 82S is generally used with equipment such as radio equipment where you have discrete alarms and a serial provisioning port. The 82S would notifiy you via pager about the problem. You can then dial in using the same phone facility to reach through and provision or correct the problem.

AlphaMax Unit
Notification types include alphanumeric &
numeric pager and text message.

Alarms can be communicated to an alphanumeric or numeric pager or they can be forwarded to a monitoring center equipped with an alarm management system. Because the AlphaMax is configured by downloading from a remote PC, maintenance and upgrades become routine.

  • You have a complete alarm system with an AlphaMax and a pager or cell phone
  • 8 alarm inputs, 2 control outputs
  • Supports both alphanumeric and numeric pagers for notification of alarms
  • Compact, economical package
  • DTMF (Dial-Tone) Phone Control
  • Interface large networks via dial line
  • Download configuration on a PC via modem
  • Derived controls automatically operate control points
  • The 82S and 82S High Speed offer a craft port interface, allowing the units to become a virtual channel for obtaining ASCII data from an external device like a PABX. The AlphaMax can also be used to monitor PCOM™ and HARRIS™ radio alarms and provide remote configuration.

Configuration Software

Alphanumeric Pager or Cellphone

Configuring AlphaMax is easy using T/Alpha software for Windows. T/Alpha will also monitor alarm inputs and operate control relays.

AlphaMax's opto isolated alarm inputs are normally in the "active state" when grounded (current flowing). Alarm points can be individually "reversed" by remote programming to assume the Active State when ungrounded (no current flowing). Each alarm input can be configured for unipolar operation (reports going to alarm state only) or bipolar operation (reports both going to alarm state and returning to cleared state).

Each point can also have a 30 character description (ex: "Room Too Hot!"), a qualification time period before dialing primary and backup pager numbers. A redial option causes the unit to dial a pager up to 15 times in case of no answer.

Personnel with pagers can call into the AlphaMax from a dial tone (DTMF) phone and acknowledge alarms, operate control points and request a status report.

Derived Controls

In addition to being activated remotely, control relays may be activated internally by a combination of existing alarms, based on a programmable equation (derived control). Each control point may have up to two equations defined.

The AlphaMax uses an internal 300/1200 baud "AT 212" type modem. The control relay outputs are Form "C". A high speed version that has a 33.6K modem is also available (See ordering options).


AlphaMax Application
AlphaMax can report alarms to a variety of devices, and it is an excellent tower light monitoring solution.

Mobile Alarm


Want more information? We have an Auto-dialer white paper.

AlphaMax Unit
Notification types include alphanumeric & numeric pager and text message.

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