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Legacy Support for LarScan 1200 RTUs using T/Mon

Fresno, Calif. - DPS Telecom, a leading developer of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced today that it has updated its advanced network management system, the T/Mon NOC to include support for polling LarScan 1200 series remote telemetry units.

The LarScan 1200 RTU, originally manufactured by the Larse Corporation, was later was later sold by Badger Technology of Milpitas, California, as the Badger 1200 series. These remotes are still in wide use by utilities, government agencies, and other enterprises that rely on network monitoring.

DPS Telecom has designed a software module for the T/Mon NOC that fully supports all the functions of the LarScan 1200, including discrete alarms, analog alarms, and controls. The software module, called the Larse Interrogator, is now available for all current and new T/Mon NOC users.

Having the opportunity to upgrade to the T/Mon NOC with the Larse Interrogator module is likely to save LarScan 1200 series users many thousands of dollars in equipment replacement costs. Until now, these users could not upgrade their masters without replacing every LarScan 1200 remote in their networks, at a prohibitive cost.

Replacing an entire network of RTUs can cost thousands, or even millions. And extensive RTU replacement can even be a threat to the network that the monitoring system is supposed to protect. A complete re-engineering of a network monitoring system takes time and expense, and network integrity threats can go undetected while the monitoring system is down. The IAM-5 can quickly take the place of the original master, with minimum configuration time, leaving network monitoring intact.

The IAM-5 also provides LarScan 1200 users with a low-cost path for upgrading their RTUs and expanding their network monitoring. Users can now add state-of-the-art DPS Telecom RTUs to their network at a pace that's right for their needs and budget.

LarScan 1200 remotes and DPS Telecom remotes can run side-by-side on the same network, and be polled by the same IAM-5. The IAM-5's built-in support for multiple protocols collects alarm data from a wide variety of equipment and integrates the data into a uniform, easy-to-use interface.

Users who upgrade to the IAM-5 will also benefit from the system's advanced monitoring features, such as derived alarms and controls, nuisance alarm filtering, and e-mail and alphanumeric pager notifications.

Support for third-party devices has long been a feature of DPS Telecom's products. The IAM-5's software modules feature makes it simple to add new capabilities, and the monitoring system has previously been augmented with support for the Badger 400 series, the NEC 21 SV, and the Pulsecom Datalok.

DPS Telecom has often created custom solutions for clients who want support for third-party devices.

"Third-party support is an essential part of our commitment to creating a custom solution for each client," said DPS Telecom President Bob Berry. "We do whatever it takes to give each client network visibility that is effective in protecting their network and adds value to their business."

DPS Telecom, founded in 1986, is an industry leader in network monitoring, remote telemetry, and alarm management. DPS Telecom provides network monitoring solutions to the telecommunications industry, utilities, railroads, public transit agencies, and manufacturers. In 1997 DPS Telecom was listed in the Inc. 500, Inc. Magazine's list of the fastest growing private companies.

Andrew Erickson