The NetMediator - SNMP mediation from legacy polling protocols

Introducing the NetMediator

The NetMediator is a general-purpose network-ready platform on which a variety of appliance applications will operate.

DPS has an eight-port TCP/IP port server specifically designed for transporting legacy-polling protocols in development. In addition, DPS has plans for a version of the NetMediator that can do advanced-service checking as part of its network monitoring.

User access: The NetMediator solution
allows up to four users to
simultaneously access their
TL1 network.

The first application to run on the NetMediator is NetMUX2, which enabled one of our clients to better interface our equipment to their network manager. In this application, the NetMediator is responsible for managing up to four concurrent TL1 traffic sessions as well as providing provisioning of the TL1-64 unit contained on the shelf.

The firmware supports TCP/IP, 10BaseT, LAN/WAN connections and is easily configurable through either a LAN connection or through the front panel craft port or via dial-up connections to its integrated modem.

You can connect to the NetMediator using any standard TELNET client.

The beauty of this design is its ability to operate in multiple personalities, depending on the client's monitoring needs. It can be deployed with an initial personality and changed in the field to support changing monitoring needs.

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