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T/Mon NOC: Monitoring Made Easy Through One Unified Interface

T/Mon NOC Puts Effective Alarm Monitoring Within Any Company's Reach

Small telcos face huge dilemmas when they implement network alarm monitoring.

On one hand, all telecom service customers today, whether they're urban or rural, judge all telephone service by the same standards. Everyone expects advanced services and perfect reliability. As small telcos grow, they face greater public scrutiny to make sure they meet those standards. And the only way to guarantee network reliability is through proactive network alarm monitoring.

T/Mon NOC's ASCII Alarm Processor provides detailed visibility of telecom equipment.
T/Mon is easy to deploy and easy to use,
making effective alarm monitoring available to
any company.

On the other hand, a small telco doesn't have the resources to build and staff a 24/7 network operations center. You work with a handful of techs - or maybe you are your own maintenance staff. Everyone has to go home at some point. You don't have anyone to spare to watch a console all day. And who in your company has the time to install a totally new system, turn it up, or learn how to use it?

T/Mon NOC lowers the barriers to effective alarm monitoring

T/Mon NOC puts 24/7 network alarm monitoring within the reach of any company, large or small. T/Mon NOC is easy to install, easy to maintain, easy to learn and easy to use, while providing complete visibility of your entire network.

With T/Mon, you don't have to make agonizing choices between quality service and low operational costs. T/Mon NOC provides the tools to proactively monitor large, complicated networks with a small staff without specialized training. You'll catch site problems sooner and fix them right the first time, so you can increase your network's average reliability while decreasing the overall costs of remote site maintenance.

DPS Telecom alarm monitoring solution diagram
You don't buy a T/Mon NOC off a shelf - a custom alarm monitoring application is designed just for your network.
Easy system design: T/Mon NOC is custom designed for your existing network

Every T/Mon NOC is custom designed to work with your existing network. Your T/Mon NOC will be built to order to support the data transport you already have and the protocols used by your existing equipment. You don't have to go to the trouble and expense of trying to redesign your network around one new system.

T/Mon fits into your network so easily because it supports over 20 standard, legacy and proprietary protocols. Plus T/Mon is designed to make effective use of whatever existing data transport you have - LAN, dial-up, RS-232, RS422/485, 202 modem, 1200 baud modem, 33.6K modem, FSK modem or PSK modem.

In most cases, a standard T/Mon configuration will be a perfect fit for all your existing equipment, including your legacy proprietary RTUs. But if it's necessary, your T/Mon NOC can include custom software or hardware to make it an exact fit for your network. T/Mon hardware is modular, and the intelligence is in the software, so it's easy to tweak T/Mon to your exact needs.

The best part is, you don't have to do it by yourself. From the get-go, a DPS Applications Engineer will walk you through the process of evaluating which T/Mon NOC equipment and software modules best fit your requirements. Your DPS Applications Engineer will outline your custom alarm monitoring applciation in a complete proposal, including detailed application diagrams.

"With a small amount of instruction the system is very easy to use." - Todd Matherne, NCC System Administrator
Turn-up and installation service available

Installing your T/Mon is even quicker and easier when you leave all the work to DPS Telecom. If you like, the DPS Assistance Team will deliver your T/Mon to your site and install, turn up and test the unit.

DPS Turn-Up Assistance is much more than a tech that makes connections and turns the unit on. Your DPS installer is highly trained, knows your T/Mon system inside and out and can even perform extra on-site customization to make sure your T/Mon works with your network.

DPS Telecom Turn-Up Assistance saves time and ensures that your T/Mon NOC application fits your needs exactly. With years of experience making alarm montioring work in the real world, your DPS installer knows exactly what questions to ask you to make sure your system is customized for your practical monitoring goals.

Your DPS installer will also help define your alarm database - the most complicated part of configuring your alarm system - or your T/Mon NOC can come straight from the factory with a customized database already installed.

DPS Telecom Factory Training
DPS Factory Training teaches you expert-level alarm monitoring quickly and easily.
DPS Factory Training - at your site or our headquarters

Once you're T/Mon NOC is installed and operational, you're NEVER left to go it alone or to try to figure out the system by yourself. You always have the full support of DPS Telecom Factory Training behind you.

Your T/Mon installer can provide on-site training to you and your staff, or you can send up to three of your team members to a DPS Factory Training Event at DPS headquarters in Fresno, California.

DPS Factory Training is the fast way to learn everything you need to know about your T/Mon system. This in-depth course will make you an expert T/Mon user in just four days, saving you weeks of trying to teach yourself with a manual. Plus you'll learn advanced T/Mon techniques - tips and tricks that will save you hours of work and make your monitoring much more effective - and the latest developments in alarm monitoring technology.

Anyone who's attended DPS Factory Training will tell you it's not like any other training course. Here's the difference:

  • Personal instruction in small classes: Classes are capped at nine people, so your instructor can focus on you. If you want to spend more time on a topic, your instructor or a DPS engineer will be happy to meet with you in a one-on-one breakout session.
  • Learn from engineers with real-world experience: Your DPS instructors are skilled engineers who have worked on DPS product design and field implementations. They know your equipment and how you use it.
  • Work hands-on with real-world equipment: At a DPS Factory Training Event, you'll work directly with the equipment - and you'll get the unique know-how that only comes with personal experience.
Unmanned 24/7 monitoring by pager, email and Web

With T/Mon NOC, you can provide your network with 24-hour monitoring coverage every day of the year - after hours, on weekends, on major holidays - and you don't have to commit a single staff member to do it.

T/Mon NOC comes standard with everything you need for 24-hour pager and email notification. Paging and email take network alarm monitoring out of the NOC to wherever you are -your car, your remote sites, and even your home.

You'll have total assurance that you'll be notified if problems happen at any time. You can keep your field techs out in the field, dramatically reducing windshield time. Email notifications even create an automatic alarm history record.

Alarms can be acknowledged or tagged by two-way paging or email from your cell phone. T/Mon NOC's automatic escalation ensures that you'll be notified if a tech doesn't acknowledge a page.

And you can view alarms and drill down into network detail from anywhere, even when no one's in the office. T/Mon's standard Web Browser interface lets you access alarms from any computer, anywhere - even from your house. And T/Mon's secure Web server ensures that only you see sensitive alarm data.

T/Mon Text Message
T/Mon text messages tell you exactly what to do if an alarm happens - nothing could be simpler.
Plain English alarm descriptions simplify and speed diagnostics

T/Mon NOC doesn't display alarms as blinking lights, cryptic summary codes, or meaningless number strings. You'll see your alarms in plain English, with complete descriptions that give full information of the nature of the alarm, its location, and its severity.

You don't need an expert engineer to diagnose network problems, and your monitoring staff doesn't have to do guesswork to locate the problem. If an alarm happens, your system operators will immediately recognize the problem and take immediate action.

Everyone has their favorite way they want to see their alarm lines displayed. With T/Mon, you can control which fields to include, which date formats to use, which severity colors you want to use - creating your personalized presentation environment.

Everyone knows what to do when alarms happen

The T/Mon interface features Text Message windows that provide additional information about each alarm. The Text Message window can display an explanation of the alarm or specific instructions for appropriate action. System operators, even without extra training, will know precisely what to do and who to call in case of an alarm.

Monitor Easily and Effectively with T/Mon NOC

T/Mon NOC will give you better visibility and control over your entire network. T/Mon's standard pager and email alerts, easy-to-use Web interface, nuisance alarm filtering and multiple remote access options will make your alarm data more useful - reducing both windshield time and the threat of service outages.

See Full Specifications of the T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System