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SNMP Inputs, Outputs, & Cybersecurity of NetGuardian RTUs

Let's look at some specific examples to really clarify how NetGuardians support SNMP. DPS Telecom uses Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) extensively in our remote monitoring devices.

Andrew Erickson
June 18, 2023

SCADA Prices and Maintenance Costs

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are crucial components in a wide array of industries. This includes telecom, energy, water treatment, manufacturing, and more.

Andrew Erickson
June 17, 2023

RTU Guide: Prices, Functionality, and Capacities

Understanding the cost of a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) for site monitoring is essential when you are considering how to best keep tabs on your remote locations. However, the price of an RTU is influenced by a variety of factors, including functionality, capacity, and softer things like brand reputation. How do these factors affect the price you pay when you buy?

Andrew Erickson
June 11, 2023

SNMP - Technical Info, History, and Usage of the Simple Network Management Protocol

Simple Network Management Protocol, or SNMP, is a widely adopted protocol for managing and monitoring network devices like routers, switches, servers, printers, and more. It provides a convenient way for network administrators to: Manage network performance Find

Andrew Erickson
June 10, 2023

Guide to Monitoring Backup Power Generators at Remote Telecom Sites

Telecom sites such as repeater towers, fiber huts, microwave towers, and power substations rely heavily on uninterrupted power supply for their operations. As these are often situated in remote areas, it's essential to have backup power generators that are ready to activate during an extended power loss.

Andrew Erickson
May 27, 2023

Common Remote Site Monitoring Acronyms Defined

Remote site monitoring involves the use of various protocols and acronyms. The parade of terms like SCADA, RTU, SNMP, NMS, FTP, VPN, IP, SLA, QoS, LAN, WAN, TCP, HTTP, ICS, M2M, PLC, DNP3, LTE, IoT, and RS485 can be overwhelming when you're new at this.

Andrew Erickson
May 24, 2023

How a Power Company Got a Customized RTU-PDU Hybrid

This story begins at a power utility company, probably quite similar to the one in your local market. They were committed to improving and preserving lives among the general public by ensuring an uninterrupted power supply. Learn how they found the right PDU+RTU - even though it didn't yet exist in the commercial marketplace.

Andrew Erickson
May 19, 2023

How to Manage Firewalls and Security for Remote Monitoring

As a sales engineer at a manufacturer of remote monitoring equipment, I witness the tension between security and authorized access on a daily basis. The Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and master stations that I sell are hardware devices that are integral to security - but can also create some firewall issues that you must handle.

Andrew Erickson
May 18, 2023

How to Integrate Legacy Telecommunications and Monitoring Systems with Next-Gen Devices

As the telecommunications equipment - and the consumer and commercial demands for service - continues to evolve, you face a challenge. You have to modernize your network while minimizing disruptions and downtime. How can you do this effectively?

Andrew Erickson
May 14, 2023

How Remote Site Management Ensures Network Uptime

For managing complex telecommunications networks, ensuring constant network uptime is a top priority. In this digital age, even minor disruptions can lead to significant losses in revenue and customer trust.

Andrew Erickson
May 13, 2023

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