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9 Radio Monitoring System Examples for 2022

Your radio sites, by definition, are spread out across a wide area. They tend to be in remote places like mountaintops. That's why you need good monitoring. If something is going wrong, you must know about it immediately.

Andrew Erickson
January 17, 2022

Tower Site Monitoring Examples for 2022

Monitoring tower sites is one of the most common uses for remote site monitoring equipment. RTUs collect data about local conditions, then send it to a central master station. In these 9 examples, you'll see real diagrams and examples to give you a solid tutorial on what you need to accomplish and how to do it.

Andrew Erickson
January 12, 2022

Emergency Power System Monitoring Exposed

An energy service provider in the western United States recently upgraded their Master Alarm System. They were in need of a central location for monitoring of their remote sites. Some of the power producing sites capable of producing over...

Andrew Erickson
December 30, 2021

Best Transport Gear That Cleanly Integrates with a T/Mon Manager

As the manufacturer of the T/Mon alarm management platform, I'm required to ensure proper integration with a wide range of popular devices. Take a look at this list of transport equipment that integrates gracefully with T/Mon.

Andrew Erickson
December 28, 2021

Control HVAC Lead-Lag, Monitor Batteries, & Monitor Equipment with One System

In the last few weeks, I've quoted perhaps the most comprehensive monitoring system DPS has ever developed. Let's review the value of multi-functional equipment, then go over this specific example. It will either...

Andrew Erickson
December 20, 2021

The Best Rectifier, Generator, and UPS Systems that Integrate with T/Mon

At DPS, our T/Mon remote site management server communicates with a wide range of equipment. With our focus on telecom site monitoring, that naturally includes equipment related to fiber, IP, microwave radios, and very important primary and backup power systems.

Andrew Erickson
December 15, 2021

Alarm Monitoring Should Be A Long-Term Investment

Have you suffered through the bad news of discovering that a piece of gear your company buys is no longer supported? It may have worked perfectly, which is why you need to...

Andrew Erickson
December 12, 2021

How to Securely Reset Your Password on a NetGuardian RTU

Today, I spoke to Andy Yang, an engineer on the DPS Technical Support team. I asked about some of the most common types of support calls he handles. One of the most common - Forgetting Your Password.

Andrew Erickson
December 8, 2021

DPS Monitors HVAC & Batteries for Government

I recently finished wrapping up another remote site monitoring proposal. This proposal was for a long-time DPS client. They're a governmental agency with telecom shelters in very remote locations. Let me give you a quick overview and also a...

Andrew Erickson
December 6, 2021

How to Monitor Telecom Cabinets at a Rural ISP

I just got back from a trip last week. Among several other DPS clients, my fellow engineer Andy and I stopped by a telco (telephone & ISP) in a fairly rural part of Texas. Based on this meeting, we were able to propose a complete system for monitoring battery health and commercial power interruptions.

Andrew Erickson
November 16, 2021

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