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The Protocol - Jul/Aug 1999

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New T/MonXM Software Features

DPS Telecom's premier software product, T/MonXM, continues to be enhanced throughout the year as your suggestions and requests come in. The latest additions include NetDog support, an improved alarm export report, an added alarm import report and report file transfer via Web browser.

Floppy Disks
Always being improved:
T/MonXM software continues
to be enhanced throughout
the year

Net Dog Support
As new or modified network elements are developed, T/MonXM is upgraded to support their interrogation. The Net Dog monitors discrete (environmental) alarms and pings up to 32 devices for operational status. T/MonXM can now interrogate the Net Dog via dial up to display the alarms and ping results.

Improved Alarm Export Report
The Alarm Export Report is used to prepare a report of the installed database in a format suitable for use in a spread sheet. It now allows you to use either commas or tabs for delimiters. A text qualifier can also be specified.

Added Alarm Import
The Alarm Import feature allows you to modify an export report in Microsoft Excel* and import it into T/MonXM, simplifying making database modifications off line.

File Transfer via Web Browser
If your T/MonXM WorkStation or IAM includes a network card, you can now transfer report files using a Web browser. This makes it possible to easily obtain reports, such as history, at any location on your LAN.

Available Now
New orders include all of these new features when they are shipped. They will be bundled with the next T/MonXM upgrade, due early next year. Those who have purchased maintenance agreements for their T/MonXM software will automatically receive the upgrade.

If you wish to have these features added to your existing T/MonXM software now, contact DPS today.

*Trademark Microsoft Corporation

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