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The Protocol - Jul/Aug 1999

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NTP Orders Reach Milestone

Orders for DPS Telecom's Network Telemetry Processors (NTP) recently reached a major milestone with an order for a unit to be installed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"The fact that so many units have been successfully deployed speaks well for DPS Telecom's manufacturing

NTP at Supercomm 98
DPS' Partners admire NTP at its
debut during Supercomm '98.

capacity," stated Raymond Alldread, AT&T Project Director. "We have been very pleased with the success of the NTP."

"This is the kind of project we really like to get our teeth into," reflected DPS President Bob Berry. "We burned lots of midnight oil and spent seemingly endless hours in field trials, but its all worth it to see such a fine product go out the door."

The NTP is a mediation device used in the Transport Maintenance Platform. It monitors digital radio, high capacity cross connect and power plant network elements. It collects and stores alarm and performance information for transmission mission to a higher level management element.

The base NTP consists of an alarm collector shelf, a discrete alarm shelf and one serial port shelf.

The Alarm Collector Shelf provides the brain that assembles all alarm data into a single data stream and feeds it to an E2A converter in the discrete alarm shelf. A 3-1/2" disk drive is provided for database management (backup) and down- loading firmware upgrades.

The Discrete Alarm Shelf interfaces 192 discrete alarms and 32 control points via plug-in modules.

The Serial Alarm Shelf interfaces 80 TBOS or TABS serial alarm ports to the processor.

Two Auxiliary shelves can be added to the NTP assembly to increase the serial port capacity to 160 or 240 ports.

The NTP assembly reports the gathered alarm data to an E-System network (TNC, OSS, TMAS, NOC, TASC, etc.).

If you have a special need in the alarm monitoring area, contact our inside sales department and give us the details. Perhaps we can ship you lots of Dependable Powerful Solutions!

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