Remote Power Switch (AC): Overview

Remote Power Controller 100 (AC Power Version)
The Remote Power Controller - the first of its kind from DPS Telecom - allows you to switch on/off and reboot your equipment from miles away.

This is an AC power product. (DC version also available)

If you've ever had to jump in your truck and drive hours to a site to reboot jammed equipment, you already know exactly why you need the Remote Power Controller. With this power switch, you'll power on/off and reboot all your critical devices - right from your desk at the Central Office.

Video Review: Remote Power Controller

Using any PC on your network, you can operate controls, check temperature at the site, and keeps tabs on power consumption - all without rolling a single truck. One feature that makes this power switch special is SNMP compatibility. You'll choose up to 8 notification devices - any combination of SNMP managers and email addresses.

Need to control lots of power at a single location? Use the expansion port on the back of the unit to daisy chain many Remote Power Controllers together. Linked switches will act as a single unit, making them easy to control using the web interface.

For added environmental visibility, the Remote Power Controller also monitors internal and external temperature, as well as current draw for each input. This is especially critical at your unmanned sites, where you need to detect and respond to network issues remotely.

Here's What This Power Controller Can Do For You:

  • Switch on/off and reboot equipment, right from your desk chair
  • Drastically cuts down on expensive truck rolls - Quickly pays for itself
  • Available with 2 AC Inputs + 3 AC Outputs each OR 1 AC Input + 8 AC Outputs
  • Built-in D-Wire Sensor port to monitor an external sensor
  • 2 Build Options: RTU version with 16 discretes, 4 analogs & 2 controls OR only AC switching power
  • SNMP-compatible - Send SNMP traps and/or receive email notifications
  • Cascade several units together as one logical device using the base unit's IP address
  • Enable/disable remote access to the unit for on-site troubleshooting
  • Secure web browsing (via SSL encryption) for security-conscious organizations
  • Built-in temperature monitoring to track changing environmental conditions
  • Monitors current draw - See how much power is flowing into each input
  • RoHS 5/6 compliant