These Fiber RTUs Eliminate The Need For Media Converters...

Do you have the right RTUs at your fiber sites? Are you spending too much on media converters to deliver copper-based Ethernet to LAN devices? With traditional LAN-based RTUs at fiber-only sites, you have to purchase media converters to use them and other LAN-based devices. This eats up your rack space and budget.

Imagine a complete, all-in-one RTU with a fiber interface that also acts as its own media converter. This RTU can support the fiber connection you need, without requiring additional devices or accessories to make it work. What if this RTU could fit in a single rack-unit? You'd achieve the enhanced protection and convenience of a direct fiber connection, without the extra cost!

The new fiber interface on the NetGuardian 832A G5 delivers all this with a 100BaseFX fiber interface. For those hoping to migrate from LAN to fiber, the NetGuardian G5 is a full-featured, fiber-ready RTU.

4 Key Benefits of Using NetGuardian G5's Fiber Interface vs. Copper

  • Enhanced Security - "Spying" is virtually impossible on a fiber connection, where it was fairly easy on copper lines. Fiber installations are increasing throughout the industry, such as at government agencies and security-conscious companies.
  • All-In-One RTU and 3-Port Media Converter - The NetGuardian G5's fiber interface serves as its own media converter for 3 Ethernet ports. This is especially helpful if you have an existing site with 100BaseFX fiber as you won't need a separate media converter.
  • No Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Problems - Because fiber connections use light traveling over glass fibers, no electricity is present to pose EMI problems. You can run fiber through the same conduit as power.
  • Immunity to Lightning Strikes - Because glass fiber does not conduct electricity, it is immune to lightning strikes. This greatly reduces the threat of massive equipment damage during thunderstorms.
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