Remote Telemetry Units that Support SNMP

SNMP ("Simple Network Management Protocol") is nothing more than a standard language that computers use to control each other and report important information. Its advantage today is that a very large number of devices support it, enabling them to work together. There are several versions of SNMP: v1, v2c and v3 being the most referenced.

SNMP RTUs describes Remote Telemetry Units that send SNMP traps. Often times, SNMP RTUs can also mediate non-SNMP devices to an SNMP manager as well, providing an integrated solution for your network needs.

SNMP RTUs, such as the NetGuardian product line can come in a variety of sizes, making it relatively easy to find one that fits the size of your site and your needs. First came

The KDA which was superseded by the NetGuardian.

The NetGuardian 832A is a larger SNMP remote that is wireless and uses the most secure version of SNMP.

The NetGuardian 420 is a medium sized remote with a built-in terminal server.

The TrapRelay 64 can process SNMP Traps and latch relays as well.

If you have a small site, there are a variety of small SNMP solutions that will help you gain visibility of your entire network.

SNMP RTU for TBOS; the NetMediator T2S.

SNMP product family

With SNMP being so widely used, there are many reasons to use a modern SNMP RTU, including saving you money.

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