Introducing the NetGuardian 216: so cost-effective, you can monitor every site in your network

The NetGuardian 216 monitors exactly enough to monitor your small sites
NetGuardian 216 T/Mon NOC The NetGuardian 216 monitors exactly enough to monitor your small sites - without expensive extras - and reports to up to 2 SNMP managers and T/Mon NOC.

The NetGuardian 216 remote telemetry unit is a cost-effective solution for monitoring your small sites. The NG 216 tears down the cost barriers to small site monitoring, making it economically possible to monitor every site in your network:

  • Cost-effective capacity: With 16 discrete alarms, 2 analogs, 2 control relays and 1 serial reach-through port, the NetGuardian 216 is just right for managing small sites.
  • Easy installation: With a small physical footprint, connectorized inputs, and LAN/WAN network connection, the NetGuardian 216 is quick and simple to install.
  • Easy SNMP integration: The NetGuardian 216 transmits a unique fail and clear trap ID for each alarm point. You don't have to parse traps to get meaningful alarms, saving you hours of work. (The NG 216 trap does include variable bindings with detailed information: point description, site ID, date/time stamp, and more.)
  • Cost-effective LAN/WAN transport: Bring back alarms on your existing network infrastructure and eliminate the costs of dedicated circuits.

Right-size alarm capacity

With the NetGuardian 216 you don't spend too much for more alarms than you need. The NG 216 is just right for small site monitoring, enough monitor switch equipment, power supplies, battery voltage levels, and ambient room temperature, plus control generator starters or door locks.

The NetGuardian 216 is also a highly effective unit for monitoring collocation site enclosures, giving you a reasonably-priced means of monitoring your equipment independently.

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