NetGuardian 316 Overview

HVAC interface
The NetGuardian 316 features 16 discretes, 8 analogs, and 3 control relays.

With 16 discrete alarm points, 8 analog inputs, and 3 control relays, the NetGuardian 316 has the right capacity to monitor small sites that require a large number of live analog inputs. 5 of the 8 analogs are user-definable, 2 are dedicated for battery monitoring, and 1 is for an internal temperature sensor. This device also gives you reach-through capabilities - allowing you to remotely connect to serial equipment using the 4 built-in RS232 serial ports. The 4 serial ports also allow for an alternate alarm reporting path in the event LAN connectivity is down.

The NetGuardian 316 also comes standard with a web interface for both device configuration and convenient monitoring. You can easily provision, set up, and manage your alarms right from your desk chair using your favorite web browser.

Features for the NetGuardian 316 include...

Note: This device requires a minimum order.

Full Specifications

NetGuardian 316
The NetGuardian 316 back panel.
Full Specifications
Discrete Inputs: 16
Analog Inputs: 8 (5 user definable, 2 battery monitoring, 1 internal temp.)
Control Relays: 3
Serial Ports: 4 RS232
Interfaces: 4 Port 10/100BaseT Switch
4 RS232 Serial Ports
1 50-pin Amphenol connector
1 4-pin Analog connector
Power Input: -48 VDC (other power options available for certain configurations)
Fuse: 3/4 Amp GMT
Visual Interface: LCD Display (optional)
4 Front panel LEDs
3 Back panel LEDs
Mounting: 19" or 23" rack
Dimensions: 1.75"H x 17"W x 7.5"D
Operating Temperature: 32 - 140 degrees F (0 - 60 degrees C)
Operating Humidity: 0 - 95% non-condensing
RoHS: 5/6

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