Capabilities of SCADA

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Here are few of the things you can do with the information and control capabilities you get from a SCADA system:

  • Access quantitative measurements of important processes, both immediately and over time
  • Detect and correct problems as soon as they begin
  • Measure trends over time
  • Discover and eliminate bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Control larger and more complex processes with a smaller, less specialized staff.

A SCADA system gives you the power to fine-tune your knowledge of your systems. You can place sensors and controls at every critical point in your managed process (and as SCADA technology improves, you can put sensors in more and more places). As you monitor more things, you have a more detailed view of your operations - and most important, it's all in real time.

So even for very complex manufacturing processes, large electrical plants, etc., you can have an eagle-eye view of every event while it's happening - and that means you have a knowledge base from which to correct errors and improve efficiency. With SCADA, you can do more, at less cost, providing a direct increase in profitability.

Think about your operations and all the parameters that affect your bottom-line results:

  • Does your equipment need an uninterrupted power supply and/ or a controlled temperature and humidity environment?
  • Do you need to know - in real time - the status of many different components and devices in a large complex system?
  • Do you need to measure how changing inputs affect the output of your operations?
  • What gear must you to control, in real time, from a distance?
  • Where are you lacking accurate, real-time data about key processes that affect your operations?
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Next Page: SCADA: Learn SCADA the Easy Way: Attend DPS Telecom Factory Training
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