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Why Utility Trade Shows Offer Valuable Connections

Utilities Trade Shows, like any trade expo, are intended to bring together representatives from various organizations across an industry. In this case, the target-market are those involved in the production, implementation, and deployment of technology related to maintaining public works infrastructure.

For those on the commercial side of the utility industry, trade shows offer a chance to see what new products have become available to help them in delivering service to their customers. It is also an opportunity to monitor competitor activities and form working relationships with possible new business associates.

Imagine that you are the owner of a company selling a device to monitor the operations of a network for interruptions. A new unit has debuted recently. You need to find a way to spread the word about new products. For those looking to gain more information about services available to help facilitate seamless operations and an increase in productivity, a utility trade show is a great place to begin.

Consider the many people working in purchasing, operations, and maintenance positions within the utility industry. A trade show such as those put on by Utilities Telecom Council (UTC) every year is a great place to meet hundreds of vendors of all types of services and products. Those vendors themselves are creating connections with a number of people that normally would be extremely difficult to do during the course of normal operations.

UTC Telecom 2013 Tickets

Recently, DPS Telecom attended the UTC Expo in Houston, TX. Representatives were on hand to demonstrate the capabilities of several of their more popular devices, as well as presenting several new items to assist in network alarm monitoring.

For those in attendance, there were exhibitions and seminars to teach people about new devices and services intended to promote security and efficiency within the Utilities and Telecommunications industries. In addition to the educational opportunities, many people were able to effectively network on a social level with representatives with many companies from around the world.

For those who visited the DPS booth during the course of the event had another advantage: seeing DPS equipment operating live in a demonstration rack and being able to have their questions about network alarm monitoring answered in person.

The rack-mounted system used in the demonstrations consisted of several of the more popular units offered in the DPS product line.

Additional devices were available for demonstrations as well. For more information regarding these, please click the links below.

For those interested in the products and services that DPS has to offer, or for those interested in learning more about network monitoring technology, trade shows are a great place to start. Since client satisfaction and support are top priorities, DPS Telecom will continue to attend various trade shows around the world in order to strengthen the bonds within the industry and connect with potential new clients.

"Trade shows are a great way to meet with DPS for the first time, or to learn about new products, updates, and support if you're already a DPS client."

-Andrew Erickson

DPS Telecom

For those interested in learning more about DPS Telecom, the products listed above, or to see what events we will be attending in the future:

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