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NetDog 82 IP G2

The NetDog 82 IP G2 is a cost-effective, LAN-based RTU for small sites.

Key Features

  • 2 control relays
  • 8 discrete alarms
  • Built-in Web Browser for config and monitoring

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Take a look at a newer model - The NetGuardian DIN.

The powerful LAN-based NetDog 82 IP G2 telecom RTU provides network managers with remote visibility, allowing them to keep watch of their IP network elements. With 32 ping alarms, 8 discrete alarms, 0-4 analogs, 2 control relays, and a reach-through serial port, this compact, versatile unit is the ideal network monitoring solution for small to medium-sized sites.

If an element fails to respond to successive pings, or if something is amiss with the environmental controls, the NetDog notifies personnel using a variety of methods with a complete status message.

Here's what the NetDog G2 can do for you:

  • Notifies you via SNMP, text message or pager when a discrete alarm occurs, such as an open door, AC power brownout, high temperature, fire or failed power.
  • Lets you remotely control one or two devices from an SNMP Manager or attached TTY terminal.
  • Pages you if a device on your LAN/WAN fails to respond to "pinging".
  • Allows you to reach through to nearby ASCII devices to obtain performance details and perform configuration.
  • Uses its high-quality built-in modem to report alarms to the T/Mon.
  • Sends your SNMP manager "traps" for relay status, discrete alarm occurrence or ping alarms.
  • Has evolution options to protect your investment.
  • Cutting-edge NEMA enclosure options available.

The NetDog makes a great generator monitoring solution, even stand-alone without a master.

Form Factor

  • Height: 1.75"
  • Width: 10.5"
  • Depth: 6.92"
  • Mounting:
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs

Core Features

  • Control Relays: 2
  • Discrete Alarms: 8
  • Internal Temp Sensor
  • LED status indicators
  • Modem: 33.6k
  • NIC: 10BaseT
  • Ping Alarms: 32
  • Power Supply: -48Vdc
  • RJ45 connections: 32
  • Serial Port : RS232
  • Web Browser Interface

Operating Conditions

  • Humidity: 0-95% NC
  • Max. Current: 1 Amp, AC/DC
  • Max. Voltage: 60VDC / 120VAC
  • Temperature: 32-140F (0-60C)

Optional Features

  • Analog Alarms: 2
  • Mounting: Wall mount
  • Power Supply: -24/48Vdc (wide range), -24Vdc
  • Rack Ears: 19-inch, 23-inch
No additional software.

Explore different capacities

d-pk- d-pk- d-pk-netg5 832A d-pk-netg5 864A d-pk-
Product Name NetGuardian 420 NetGuardian 240T NetDog 82 IP G2 NetGuardian 864A G5 NetGuardian 480 G4
Alarm Count 20 40 32 64 80
Analogs 4 2 8 8 4
Comparison Roughly half the capacity. Adds T1 transport. - Double capacity in same 1RU Massive discrete capacity.